Щеточный станокСтроительство завода в 1986 году

Китайский завод по производству щеточных машин


Простой • прочный • совместимыйМашины для изготовления бытовых и промышленных щеток

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  1. Standard machine: the machines will make the sizes of standard ranges,options depends on clients’ request.
  2. Customized made service: we have experience of design and changing the machine according to our clients’ request when our clients request is out of range of standard sizes. Our client offer details of the brush ,we will make change or new design accordingly, after finishing,we will test and make sure the machine work stable ,after client’s confirming with satisfaction,then delivery.
  3. Sample service: we could support the brush sample after confirming the machine. Our client can send us brush size or brush drawings, we can supply the brush samples accordingly,after samples confirming,then confirm the machine project.
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KPT CNC Technology Corporation. Was established on 1986 as family brush machinery factory,we have more than 30 years of experience in making machinery,we have developed into a collection of scientific research, design, production, maintenance, sales and system integration for the integration of high-tech enterprises.
The main products:
1. Single band/Double Band Strip brush machine.
2. Spiral/Winding Brush machine brush making machine.
3. Double band Inner-welding brush machine.
4. Twisted in wire brush machine(with loop,without loop).
 Twisted Brush full production. line(Twisting,Bending,Trimming,Hot-melting,Handles-inserting).
5. 3 - 7 Axis  high speed brush machine.
6. Broom tufting machine.
7. Hair speed brush machine.
8. Filament Cutting machine.
9. Brush Trimming Machine and peripheral machines and machine accessories.
10. Customized brush machine according to clients’ request .

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KPT machines are not only used in China and Asia. Due to its simplicity and ease of use, high compatibility, super cost-effectiveness, standard components and largely avoiding failure-prone electronic components, KPT machinery is also popular in Europe (Germany, Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Serbia) North America (United States, Mexico), South America (Argentina, Brazil), Russia. Widely used in Australia, Africa (South Africa), Asia (Japan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam).