Introduction to 7 Major Advantages of KPT Companys Single Metal Back CNC Brushed Wire Winder


KPT Corporation, a brush machine manufacturer with a 30-year history, The machines we generate are not only powerful but also easy to operate,Today, I will give it to everyone presents the key features of its single metal back CNC strip brush winding machine:

1. Ease of Operation
User-friendly interface for effortless navigation and operation.
Simplified controls ensure operators can easily manage machine functions.

2. Flexibility in Product Changeover
High flexibility enables swift transition between different products.
Quick adjustments facilitate efficient adaptation to varying production needs.

3. Efficient Setup for New Products
Rapid and straightforward setup process for introducing new product lines.
Minimizes downtime associated with retooling and configuration changes.

4. Versatile Filament Options
Fill material picker accommodates natural, synthetic, and abrasive filaments.
Offers versatility in brush customization to meet diverse application requirements.

5. Convenient Hand Feeding
Ample space provided for hand feeding of materials.
Enhances operational convenience and efficiency during production.

6. Wide Range of Profile Sizes
Capable of handling profile sizes ranging from 2.5 mm to 13 mm.
Versatility ensures compatibility with various brush dimensions and applications.

7. High Production Speed
Achieves production speeds of up to 5 m/min.

Ensures efficient and consistent output to meet demanding production schedules.

 Brush machines produced by KPT company Each feature contributes to the overall efficiency, productivity, and versatility of the machine, making it an invaluable asset for brush manufacturing operations.

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Worldwide in use
KPT machines are not only used in China and Asia. Due to its simplicity and ease of use, high compatibility, super cost-effectiveness, standard components and largely avoiding failure-prone electronic components, KPT machinery is also popular in Europe (Germany, Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Serbia) North America (United States, Mexico), South America (Argentina, Brazil), Russia. Widely used in Australia, Africa (South Africa), Asia (Japan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam).