Safety rules

Safety rules:

Repair personnel matters needing attention

1, the training of qualified applicants for the debugging work of all equipment maintenance.

2, can not be replaced for any parts.

3, not to touch the electric wire connected.

4, must master the method to operate the computer, such as the emergence of the alarm sound to find reasons to exclude it,

Barrier only after the test machine.

5, repaired to hand push wheel, such as smooth can work.

6, each week to do preliminary maintenance, work on each shaft and 68# oil, to ensure that the screw cleaning.

Computer numerical control drilling machine ( hair machine ) operation rules

1 scope of application

This standard is applicable to the safety operation specification hair equipment

2 main contents

( 1 ) without training, no post operation.

( 2 ) before starting to keep body surrounding material neat, no collision body and wire.

( 3 ) the operator wear working clothes, hat ( bang, temples, pocket BUN ), cuff to tie

Tight, no hair appointment.

( 4 ) check oil, the oil level in the tank is sufficient, the flow circuit, and press run

Lubrication work slide chart card.

( 5 ) the boot method : should first open the power switch, a distance of about four seconds to open the " OFF" system into

Working mode, and the control box to gradually, on the mechanism, such as normal self action


( 6 ) no double or more people to operate the same machine.

( 7 ) the operator to concentrate, machine operation is strictly prohibited to leave their jobs, such as the discovery of

Abnormal immediately press the "pause" button, the relevant personnel and the maintenance.

( 8 ) the work is strictly prohibited in any part of the body touch the running machine. The unauthorized disassembly.

Retaining device.

( 9 ) after work need to shutdown, should first close the " ON" system, 4 seconds and then turn off the power switch at.

( 10 ) must be clean airframe and computer and control box before each work, and give the corresponding zero

Components of lubricating oil.

( 11 ) comply with the above rules for the operation, strengthen the machine maintenance, improve production efficiency, take good care of public

Division of property, protect their own security.

Matters needing attention:

1 must be trained, eligible can mount guard operation, ensure safety in production.

2 to strengthen the maintenance of machine, improve the quality of the products.

3 clear product quality standards, control the unqualified products into the next process.

maintenance and safety issues:

1. ensure the body clean.

2. periodic table guide shaft lubricating oil.

3. work is strictly prohibited double or more people to operate the same machine.

4. prohibited any part of the body touch the running machine.

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Worldwide in use
KPT machines are not only used in China and Asia. Due to its simplicity and ease of use, high compatibility, super cost-effectiveness, standard components and largely avoiding failure-prone electronic components, KPT machinery is also popular in Europe (Germany, Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Serbia) North America (United States, Mexico), South America (Argentina, Brazil), Russia. Widely used in Australia, Africa (South Africa), Asia (Japan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam).